The Gifts My 20's Gave To My 30's 

“My 30th birthday was last week.

It feels like a big birthday, although it seems so many reference 30 as just the beginning and a brief season on the way through life.

Thirty marks the end of the 20’s and the beginning of a new decade of life. It feels like its own kind of new year in a way- a fresh, blank slate to set resolutions for and look forward on reminiscing on later…”

Buzz Words: "Everything happens for a reason" // "Wasn't God's will" // "God has a plan"

“Going through a loss and experiencing fresh grief, even as a believer in Jesus Christ, and hearing that “[it] must not be His will” or “everything happens for a reason” feels a bit cruel. It rubs wrong to think that the pain that is experienced in loss is for some orchestrated opportunity for God to use for his own purposes. I have seen firsthand how God has, indeed, accomplished beautiful things out of devastation. I believe that he can and will. But saying that the pain someone is deeply experiencing and immersed in is created by God so he can teach us something is not encouraging….”

Our Valley, Revisited

“It seems impossible that I am writing these words again. It seems redundant and repetitive and devastating to be sharing this news another time. The image that comes to mind is one of those sock ‘em toys that you punch and they fall over then pop back up. How many more blows am I supposed to take before this is over?”

Nothing New Under The Sun

Something that is so challenging and intimidating about writing, or releasing any sort of work you have invested in out into the world, are the questions, “What makes me different?” “Why would anyone want to read what I have to write?” “Is what I have to say even valuable?”  In reality, it seems that our experiences are pretty universal, or at least relatable, for someone in the world, which makes sharing both valuable and also potentially redundant. This can stop us in our tracks of offering our voice to an already loud world.


Recently the word “tribe”, though not a new word, has a new connotation when used to describe someone’s innermost circle, those people who are most dear to them. This categorization in itself can be a positive thought showing inclusion—“I am proud of my friends, I feel known and loved by this group, and I am so deeply committed to them I want others to know of that commitment.” However, the word “tribe” can also evoke a sense of division—“This special team has been chosen, and I am not part of it.”